Waar komt (ons) marmer vandaan?

Where does (our) marble come from?

In this blog we would like to introduce you to the origins of marble and where our own marble comes from.

How is marble created?

Marble is a metamorphic rock (limestone). Created because the sedimentary rock (sedimentary rock) limestone was exposed for a very long time to enormous high pressure and temperature differences during the formation of mountains. Traditionally, many marble species come from Italy, but also Portugal, Turkey and Spain. Compared to other natural stones, marble is a relatively soft stone and therefore easy to work with. Characteristic of marble are of course the vein-shaped structures, also characteristic is the crystal structure, such as a sugar cube.

Because marble is a natural product and less hard than granite, it is more vulnerable than other types of stone, so you should take this into account when using our marble trays, for example. Because marble is a popular material in the construction world, it is also a lot more expensive than other types of stone. The most expensive type of marble is the Portoro, which can be recognized by the golden veins that run through the natural stone.

Where does our marble come from?

At Mooisa we believe it is important that our marble comes from Europe, so we can guarantee the quality we have in mind. The reason for this is that our marble must of course be processed into a beautiful accessory. To allow this process to take place in Europe, it naturally makes communication a lot easier.

At the time of writing we carry different types of marble. The colors of our marble are as follows: White Ibiza, Black Marquina, Verde Guatemala, Crema Marfil, Lilac, Dark Emperador and Travertine. Although the latter is a bit of an odd duck in the list. This is because Travertine does not quite belong in the category of marble.

Our products are mainly produced in Spain and Turkey and imported to the Netherlands by Mooisa. Our products come from large slabs of marble and are then cut and glued into the desired dimensions. After this process, our accessories are polished by hand. Upon arrival in the Netherlands, each product is visually checked for defects. If there are no defects, it will be sent to the customer. Because we work closely with our suppliers, we can also provide customized solutions. Consider your own dimensions or creations in a marble color of your choice.


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