6 tips om uw marmeren woonaccessoires mooi te houden!

6 tips to keep your marble home accessories beautiful!

First some general information about marble. Marble is a limestone and therefore softer and more porous than, for example, granite. This also makes it scratch faster and stains remain more easily. Sand and water are the enemy of any type of natural stone, including marble. Marble is metamorphosed limestone, consisting of very pure calcium carbonate. The different types of marble have densities between 2500 and 2800 kg/m3. Because of its beautiful, almost transparent light, solidity, relative isotropy and homogeneity, marble is highly sought after as a building material and in sculpture. The temperatures and pressures required to transform limestone into marble are so high that any fossils present in the limestone are destroyed.

Here are 6 tips to optimally protect your marble!

  1. Clean the products after each use. This sounds obvious, but we notice that not everyone does this. When you do this you significantly reduce the chance that stains will set in.
  1. Only use products that are suitable for marble. Use PH neutral products and always avoid products that contain abrasives. Be sure not to use products that contain substances such as citric acid.
  1. Use a clean cloth or paper towel. Avoid items such as a scouring pad as they can damage your marble products.
  1. Marble is a sensitive stone and consists of 90% lime, keep this in mind when using the marble accessories. Marble is a porous stone and this means that it is sensitive to fats and acids.
  2. Use HG marble protector. HG marble protector protects calcareous natural stone types against the penetration of water, stains, dirt and lime. The protector is ideal for bathrooms, counter tops, tables and can also be used outdoors.

Use HG natural stone protector

The surface must be completely clean, free of grease and dust.
Apply the protector evenly in one direction.
Then, after 4 minutes, remove any liquid that has not been absorbed with a lint-free cloth.
After the first layer, apply 1 to 2 additional layers for maximum protection.
After 12 hours, leave the surface untouched and do not expose it to moisture.

  1. Avoid cutting on marble. Because marble is a fairly soft natural stone, scratches quickly occur on the marble. So avoid cutting on the surface. Serving something on marble is fine, but keep in mind that stains can set in.


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