Travertine fruitschaal marmer
Travertine fruitschaal van het merk Mooisa
Travertine fruitschaal en travertine vaas Mooisa
Travertine fruitschaal marmer
Travertine travertin travertijn design vaas wijnkoeler kaarshouder kandelaar candleholder fruitschaal tray dienblad plateau serveerplank decoratie

Travertine fruit bowl round Ø24cm

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Our travertine fruit bowls combine natural beauty with functionality to provide an elegant addition to your interior. Whether you prefer a modern or classic style, our travertine fruit bowls fit perfectly into any environment.

Travertine, a beautiful type of limestone, is known for its unique texture and color shades. Each travertine fruit bowl in our collection has been carefully crafted to accentuate the natural beauty of this material. The soft earth tones and subtle veins in the travertine create a visually attractive and timeless appearance.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, travertine also offers practical benefits for your fruit bowl. This natural rock is durable and easy to clean, ensuring your fruit is always presented in a hygienic environment. Additionally, the porous nature of travertine helps your fruit stay fresh longer by absorbing excess moisture.

Each travertine fruit bowl is made by hand, with craftsmanship and attention to detail central. We strive to provide high quality products that will last and exceed your expectations. With a travertine fruit bowl you not only get a functional item, but also a work of art that makes a statement in your interior.

Whether you want to enhance your dining table, add an elegant eye-catcher to your kitchen countertop or are looking for a unique gift for a special occasion, our travertine fruit bowls are the perfect choice. With their timeless beauty and versatility, they suit any decor and add a touch of natural elegance to your living space.

Discover our collection of travertine fruit bowls today and upgrade your fruit presentation to a new level of style and sophistication. Invest in a stunning piece of natural beauty that will stand the test of time and enjoy the aesthetic and functional benefits it has to offer.


Travertine fruit bowl round Ø24x10cm

Travertine fruitschaal marmer

Travertine fruit bowl round Ø24cm

Regular price €119,95 EUR
Regular price €0,00 EUR Sale price €119,95 EUR

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