Crema Marfil Marmer: Een Ode aan Zachtheid

Crema Marfil Marble: An Ode to Softness

In the world of marble splendor, there is a timeless favorite that makes its mark time and time again: Crema Marfil. Known for its soft cream tones and subtle veins, this refined marble has found its way into interiors around the world. Let's zoom in together on this special type of marble, including a look at its history and origin.

The Refined Colors and Characteristics of Crema Marfil:

Crema Marfil marble is instantly recognizable by its beautiful cream base, which adds a sense of tranquility to any space. The veins range from light beige to darker brown, which creates a subtle contrast and lends depth to the stone. The marble has a timeless and versatile appearance that adapts effortlessly to different interior styles.

The History and Origin of Crema Marfil:

The roots of Crema Marfil reach deep into the rich history of Spain, where this marble treasure is mined. The name "Crema Marfil" literally means "cream-colored ivory", which perfectly matches the soft and elegant appearance of the stone. The quarries from which Crema Marfil is extracted are mainly located in the province of Alicante, where they have been exploited for centuries.

Applications and Inspiration:

Crema Marfil marble is often appreciated for its versatility and timeless appeal. It is often used for flooring, wall coverings, bathrooms and kitchen countertops, and can enhance both traditional and modern spaces. Its soft color palette and subtle veins make it easy to combine with other materials and colours, making it a popular choice among interior designers.

Crema Marfil at MOOISA:

At MOOISA we embrace the classic beauty of Crema Marfil marble. Our collection includes a series of beautiful home accessories made from this refined marble. Each piece exudes the timeless charm of Crema Marfil.

Choose Refinement:

Whether you want to add a touch of softness to your interior or are looking for a durable and elegant material, Crema Marfil marble offers a timeless choice. The history and provenance of this stone add an extra layer of meaning to its aesthetic splendor. Choose the refinement of Crema Marfil and bring a touch of timeless class to your living space.


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